Getting The Most Out of Technology

Dare I say, technology today has become somewhat of a fetish to most people. Its a funny thing, we look at it, fondle it, compare it, get excited over it and buy it but never quite figure out how to maximize the thrill. It seems what many of us lack is that taboo book called the Kama Sutra of connecting. Too many of us after purchasing our next thrill are left disappointed by how short lived it is.

After imagining all the new thrills it would bring us, the lightening speed, the selection and freedom, we look down at the on off buttons and think gee is that it, is that all. I know I am being a little risque by my comparison, but if its a thrill your looking for, maybe the best way to find it is by comparison and that comparison once you look at it may even offer a little humor.

Let’s face it, shopping for and buying the latest in technology is not much different than a relationship. I’m not trying to be shallow here I’m just comparing the experience because I see some similarities. In a way its the best kind of relationship to go looking for because it offers everything a regular relationship doesn’t, complete control.

You get to decide on what attracts you, whats important, the needs that it will fulfill and what it’s going to cost you. Sounds good right, hey even I’m excited. Now here’s the funny part, ever wonder why you can’t get two cell phones with the same phone number? Cause that’s polygamy and we won’t be having any of that. LOL

Seriously, the freedom you have to select the best for you is vast and astounding. There’s so much to choose from that anyone shopping for an upgrade or new device must feel like their standing in a singles bar being hit on by every sales-horny tech-perv out there. “Hi there customer do you come here often”? Let me buy you a three hour warranty and we can go back to my place at the cash register and I’ll thrill you with some totals, while I service you.” Hey come on tell me who hasn’t experienced this kind of sales pick-up line. Puuuulease!

Like any relationship the best hedge against being swept off your feet and your wallet is to know what your looking for. Its tempting to go for the high flying products and wealth of feature rich gadgetry but face it, when the basics become overcomplicated your relationship will leave you feeling unfulfilled. The best approach to any purchase is to get to know the product before you commit. The one thing that will help you to discover a sensible purchase is to know what you need and to know what you want.